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Ingredient Breakdown: Tripeptide Complex

Skincare can feel complicated, particularly when clouded with scientific nomenclature. As consumers first, we understand how confusing and discouraging that can be. And so, we’re committed to flip the script and break down ingredients into easy-to-understand terms every chance we get.

Let’s take a deep dive into tripeptide complex – or in the case of our PM Sunset Restore Serum, palmitoyl tripeptide-38, otherwise known as MATRIXYL synthe’6 . Stick with us, let’s break that down…

This powerful ingredient is proven to improve overall skin firmness. It evens out the skin while smoothing wrinkles for more youthful, supple results. This necessary skin protein works from the inside out, rebuilding several types of collagen found in the skin and where needed. It’s especially recommended for the forehead and crow’s feet.

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Fun fact: Take a peek at any of our product packaging — you’ll always find a simplified breakdown of our ingredients alongside the full (scientific) ingredient list.

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