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10 ways to care for your hair in the winter months

That nip in the air is back! Before you know it, Christmas will be knocking at your door. 

All your winter coats and jackets are out and have been sent to the cleaners so that they are ready for use. 

But are you paying any extra attention to your winter hair care routine? You might have invested in some extra bottles of body lotion, but what about your hair? Doesn’t your crowning glory need a little extra attention too?

At indē wild, we care about your skin and hair and while we have already given you tips on how to alter your skin care routine during the winter months, here are some tips on how to take care of your during these harsh cold days!

  1. You might be someone who likes to jump into the shower every day and wash their hair, but during the winter months, it might be a good idea to keep their hair wash limited. You need to wash your hair only when it starts to feel dirty or greasy, but if you really want to, we suggest doing it only twice a week. 
  2. Every time you are planning to wash your hair, make sure that you oil it first – take your favourite Champi hair oil and warm it up a little. Take the time to massage your scalp and hair with this warm oil, because not only is this a deeply relaxing process, it also has other benefits. For instance, the ingredients of the oil will deeply nourish your hair, offering it extra hydration and the actual massage is known to improve blood circulation, which will help improve natural hair growth. 
  3. There is no better feeling during the winters, than standing under a hot shower; but did you know that the hot water can strip away the natural oils from your skin and hair! So, our winter hair care is a simple one – no matter how cold it is outside, choose lukewarm water for your hair. Your hair will thank you!
  4. Once you are out of the bath, make sure that you take the time to dry your hair – do not step out into the cold with your hair still wet. The cold air is attracted by the moisture in your hair and it will make your hair super dry and frizzy. So, whether you like to towel dry, air dry or blow dry, make sure that your hair is completely dry, before stepping out. 
  5. Talking about blow drying, we come to our next winter hair care tips – during the winters, the air outside is looking for every chance to strip your hair of moisture, so why would you want to do that same thing by yourself? Every time you are using a heat-based styling tool, you are removing the moisture from your hair. We suggest that you keep the styling tools for special occasions and if you are using the hair dryer, choose the lowest or cool setting. 
  6. Another way to protect your hair during the winters is to make sure that your hair is protected – invest in some loose hats and scarves made with hair friendly material and cover up, when you step out. Think of it more on the lines of gloves for your hair! Just like your hands, your hair needs a tiny bit of warmth too! 
  7. Reconsider your hair care products during the winter months – pick a shampoo that hydrates more, choose a leave in conditioner that can fight the frizz, invest in a bottle of Moonlight Scalp Serum, which can nourish your scalp and hair, while you sleep. 
  8. If you are someone who loves to get hair treatments, such as colouring, winters might not be the best time to indulge in those – rather, you can ask your salon to give you a deep conditioning treatment, which will help retain and rebuild the moisture in your hair and scalp. 
  9. Split ends and dry, frizzy hair are common during the winter months, which is why, if you really want to care for hair in winter, then you need to get regular trims. We suggest that you make a visit to your hair care expert, once every 6 weeks and ask them to take a look; if they suggest, get the trim!
  10. It is no rocket science that what you put in your body is going to show on it! Bring out those recipe books and get those hearty veggie soups going, look at smoothie recipes that you can carry with you when you are heading out and make sure that you continue drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water, every day! 
So, you see, the changes that you need to bring about as part of the winter hair care tips are minimal – just keep these in mind and remember to stock up on the indē wild hair care products and you are set to face anything; well at least your hair will be!