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Meet two indulgent hydrators for plum lips and luscious locks.

Dewy Lip Treatment
Dewy Lip Treatment
Dewy Lip Treatment
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Champi Hair Oil
Champi Hair Oil
Champi Hair Oil
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beauty ecosystem

Transparency is in our DNA. That’s why our formulas were developed exactly the way you’d expect: science-backed, vegan and cruelty free! Designed for common skin needs in mind – the all-in-one solution for hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, hydration and all.

our new ingredients

  • 1.5% Burdock Extract Complex

    A traditional plant whose roots have antioxidant, skin soothing and protective benefits.

  • 0.5% Gotu Kola Extract Complex

    Popularly referred to as Cica, this plant actively helps promote hair regrowth while providing added strength and shine. Commonly used for its soothing and calming benefits and therefore a favourite for those affected by an itchy scalp.

  • 0.3% Caffeine

    A powerful stimulant which works to support barrier function of the scalp while aiding in the penetration of other ingredients and helps to promote hair growth.

  • 0.5% Bhringraj Extract Complex

    An ayurvedic powerhouse that helps with hair growth & nourishes hair

  • 9% Hair Health Revitalizer Complex

    3% Redensyl, Procapil and Baicapil a complex of three hair health revitalizers work together targeting hair follicles and accelerating hair growth while reducing signs of shedding. Each ingredient is clinically proven to promote hair growth, strength, density and volume and have been added at clinical levels for dramatic results

we hear you

“The PM serum is my absolute favorite! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and have noticed my skin become softer. For me, I’ve been using the AM serum for my underarm and knees to remove discoloration and I love the results!”

Urvi D.

“Truly made for all skin types! I have sensitive skin so I started out slowly using this product every other day, but now I'm about to use it everyday. My skin tone is so much more even and glowing! Cannot live without it now.”


”This has been transformative for my skin! I have noticed a huge difference in the glow and texture that I haven't achieved using over Vitamin C or Retinol products. I tested the AM/PM serums for about a month, not using any other serums or skincare minus moisturizers on top and - WOW! I love how my skin feels and looks :)”

Shivani R.

scientifically backed by our expert board

Our talented board of experts and dermatologists have perfected our formulas with intentionality. They’ve taken the guesswork out of skincare with all-in-one power packed products combining potent actives and ayurvedic superfoods. All that goodness – yes please!


“…indē wild is truly a people-powered brand that stands for representation, education and radical transparency.”

“…the world's first-ever skin-care collection of Ayurvedistry™ (a combination of Ayurveda and chemistry) that is revolutionizing the way skin feels, heals, and looks.”

"...indē wild is a standout because of its unique use of Ayurvedic superfoods and its mission to empower, educate and advocate for people who struggle with common skin issues."

“…a beauty ecosystem that was a modern desi woman in a bottle.”

Ayurveda skincare and haircare products that actually work! 

We at indē wild invented the word "Ayurvedistry," which refers to the potent fusion of ayurveda and chemistry. We are aware that contemporary science has solutions for many hair and skin issues, but Ayurveda, which dates back centuries, has been treating the majority of these issues for a far longer period of time. While there are certain substances from Ayurveda that are really beneficial, there are equally potent ingredients from the field of chemistry. Through careful selection of substances from both realms, we have produced remedies that are genuinely efficacious.

You can discover everything you need here, whether you're searching for ayurvedic skin care products to make your daily routines easier or for an ayurvedic hair oil and serum to give you strong, healthy hair! We opted for simplicity instead of producing an array of products that would require intricate rituals, such as a nightly, morning, and lip treatment serum; a daily hair serum treatment and a weekly hair oil treatment.

Widest variety of ayurveda products for skin care

Since it is the largest organ and the body's first line of defence, your skin is the most vital organ in your body. For this reason, you must always ensure that your skin is protected. More significantly, the skin of your face is the most delicate; it can easily become dry and flaky and lose moisture. Here at indē wild, we offer you the most complete yet possibly easiest skincare routine: a morning face glow serum, an evening bakuchiol serum, a sunscreen that leaves no white cast and a lip protection product!

Choose the most effective Vitamin C serum in UK

Choose our AM Sunrise Glow Serum instead of piling your vanity with an excessive number of bottles and products; this best vitamin c serum for face will simplify your morning skincare routine while providing your skin with the necessary protection and nutrients. 

  • Vitamin C, which brightens and helps mend any visible effects of pollution and environmental stress, is an ingredient in the finest morning face serum. It also helps your skin from the inside out, regulating and renewing it. 
  • Hyaluronic acid provides the skin with all-day hydration and moisture by attracting and retaining moisture from the surrounding air.
  • Ferulic acid and vitamin E have been used to hydrate and shield skin from sun damage while also having a calming and soothing effect. 
  • Niacinamide provides moisture and can minimize the size of enlarged pores and redness in the skin. 
  • The ancient Ayurvedic superfoods ashwagandha and turmeric aid in providing the skin with deep nourishment and protection.

Why you need the best bakuchiol serum in UK

Many people opt not to conduct their nightly skin care routine because they are too exhausted or don't want to deal with the trouble of using multiple lotions and serums. For all such people, we bring a single serum that will take care of your skin, as you sleep. Introducing the PM Sunset Restore Serum, a plant based bakuchiol serum that delivers on its promise. This one product will work to repair and rejuvenate your skin overnight. The serum will work to repair your skin while you sleep, leaving your skin looking better the next day.

  • Bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol substitute that increases skin suppleness. Additionally, it can help remove spots, unclog pores on the skin, and level out the tone of your skin. 
  • Squalane is one of the most potent antioxidants and has several uses, including fighting free radicals, hydrating, and soothing. 
  • Saffron can give you a natural glow, and tripeptide complex can make your skin firmer and more youthful-looking. 

You only need to apply this one serum at night to have youthful, age-defying skin that is healthy from the inside out!

Protect your skin with our Sunscreen SPF 50 Glow Drops

Every time you step out of your house, you are subjecting your skin to a range of factors – sunlight being one of them. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause serious damage to your skin, which is why you need to make sure that you give it the protection it needs. Our Sunscreen SPF 50 Glow Drops are an 8-in-1 multi-tasker drops formula that is dermatologically tested, broad-spectrum sun protection and can act as an anti-pollution veil as well. 

  • This serum offers protection against not only UVB, but also UVA rays, giving your skin a true barrier against the harmful rays of the sun. 
  • Zinc oxide offers a protecting, soothing and healing element for your skin and niacinamide can improve the skin’s natural barrier. 
  • Ayurvedic ingredients like gotu kola and licorice provide intense hydration and brightens the skin naturally. 

This sunscreen glow drops offer a silky primer feel for before applying makeup and because it leaves no white cast, you can use it as a finishing touch as well! 

Get those dewy lips with our lip treatment product

Remember to take care of your lips as well as your skin! Our multifunctional Dewy Lip Treatment has been clinically shown to improve lip moisture while simultaneously plumping and mending lips. This one-stop Dewy Lips Treatment will take care of all your lip care needs, whether they re caused by the weather or a habit of frequent lip licking. 

  • One of the best moisturizing agents for a long time is pure ghee; however, shea butter is a vegan substitute.
  • Vitamin E, phospholipids, and linoleic acid work together to create a barrier that keeps moisture in and keeps your lips hydrated and full.
  • Our lip treatment product contains hyaluronic acid and squalane, two ingredients that are known to improve skin texture, moisturize, and nourish, just like our skin care serums.
  • Natural fruit and flower oils, such as those from pomegranates, roses, and lotuses, moisturize the skin from the inside out and give lips a subtle sheen.

An oil and an ayurvedic hair serum – True hair health 

Your hair is referred regarded be the "crowning glory" for a reason - when it's healthy, it literally acts as your crown and enhances your personality. Just as vital as taking care of your skin is taking care of your hair, and because most of us have busy routines, it's also important to maintain a really basic hair care regimen. For this reason, we have streamlined your hair care regimen just like we did our skin care regimen: indē wild offers a single oil and a single serum that are more than sufficient to address any issues you may be having with your hair.

An ayurvedic oil for hair that promises better hair health 

Indians have used champi, a natural oil that is slightly warmed and massaged into the scalp and hair, as part of their hair care ritual for millennia. Our Champi Hair Oil is the ideal concoction of carefully chosen ayurvedic components that will fortify, nourish, and shield your hair from the inside out. This multifunctional hair oil is made from a family recipe that has been refined over many years and includes:

  • A combination of various natural oils, such as almond, coconut, sesame, caster, and Indian argan, moisturizes and nourishes your scalp and hair. 
  • Hibiscus provides conditioning and has healing qualities for the scalp when added.
  • Bhringraj, which is rich in antioxidants, soothes the scalp and naturally provides strength and volume to hair damage.
  • Tulsi has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities, and marigold is an antioxidant-rich, moisturizing component that calms inflamed scalps.
  • Fenugreek aids in hair repair and development, while neem, an Ayurvedic herb, can shield, nourish, and cure hair from the inside out.

All you have to do is warm up the Champi hair oil and apply it lightly to the scalp, massaging it in softly before using it along the length of the hair. Enjoy hair that is radiant and healthy from the inside out by washing it off with a light shampoo!  

An Ayurvedic serum for hair that works

Although oiling your hair has advantages, it is not advised to be done every day and should not be done frequently. However, your hair need a certain amount of sustenance every day. For this reason, we developed the incredibly potent Moonlight Scalp Serum, which will provide your hair with the daily nutrients it requires. This is what you need if you're seeking for an ayurvedic serum for hair growth that you can apply every day without worrying about sticky residue and buildup on your scalp.

  • Redensyl (3%), Procapil (3%) and Baicapil (3%) are three powerful chemical actives found in the serum; these components have proven support for encouraging natural hair growth and lowering hair loss. 
  • This serum also contains a number of components from the field of ayurveda, including bhringraj, which gives hair a natural sheen, gotu kola, which promotes hair development, and burdock, which calms the scalp.
  • Amla produces longer, stronger hair, while caffeine is a potent stimulant that also maintains the scalp barrier. Moringa helps revitalize dull hair.


  • For morning use, which serum should I use?

We recommend using our AM Sunrise Glow Serum, which contains ashwagandha, turmeric, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and 15% vitamin C. Your skin will seem naturally radiant and the moisture will be retained thanks to this serum. 

  • When is the best time to apply vitamin C serum?

Indeed, vitamin C works best applied in the morning, which is why our AM Sunrise Glow serum contains a significant amount of it. 

  • Which nighttime serum is the best?

With ingredients that help calm, renew, replenish, and restore your skin over night, you can use our PM Sunset Restore Serum.

  • Is using serum at night a good idea?

Definitely! Your skin experiences a lot throughout the day; by using our PM serum, it will have the opportunity to regenerate and renew itself throughout the night. 

  • Does Ayurveda recommend sunscreen?

Ayurveda originally did not have the concept of sunscreen, but modern practitioners of the same do suggest using it.  

  • What is the most safest and natural sunscreen?

Our AM Sunscreen Glow Drops are a really good option, because they have handpicked ingredients, which bring the best of ayurveda and chemistry. 

  • Is Champi beneficial to hair?

Of course! Better hair growth can be induced by stimulating the scalp's nerve endings with warm oil and light pressure. 

  • For champi, what kind of oil can be used?

Any natural oil can be used for champi, but we recommend using our Champi Hair oil instead because it has an ayurveda blend of numerous oils and substances that can help strengthen and promote hair growth.

  • Is hair growth possible with hair serum?

Sure, if you're using our Moonlight Scalp Serum. The carefully chosen components in this serum have the potential to enhance the scalp's microbiome, which may decrease hair loss and promote hair growth. 

  • Can I use hair serum on a daily basis?

We designed our Moonlight Scalp Serum to be used every day! Since it is based on water, it will absorb quickly and leave no trace.