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Bakuchiol serum, 15% Vitamin C and more! 

Your skin needs all the love and pampering that it can get – after all, it’s the only one you have! We at indē wild know that, which is why we have created a range of products that take care of all your skincare needs. We know that there are brands that have a huge range of products, but rather complicating your daily routine, we have chosen to simplify it. Our skincare collection has only the essentials – there is an AM serum that will take care of your skin through the day; allow your skin to unwind after a long day with our soothing PM serum. We bring to you a potent sunscreen, which leaves no white cast, but offers you protection against UVA and UVB rays of the sun. And then there is a one stop solution for all your lip troubles – glossy, plump lips in a single swipe! 

We have spent years perfecting our formulations and we understood that there are some ingredients from the world of ayurveda that are extremely powerful and then there are some that come from the world of chemistry which are truly beneficial. By combining both, we created a new world of Ayurvedistry™ and every product that came out of this amalgamation is simple to use and truly efficient. You too can try our range of products and see the difference on your own skin! 

Start your day right with our Vitamin C serum

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if orange juice is a part of your daily routine, you are giving your body the kick of vitamin C that it needs. But what about your skin? With one of the most effective vitamin C serums in UK, our AM Sunrise Glow Serum is your one stop solution for your morning skincare needs. 

  • Rather than cluttering your vanity with innumerable bottles of serums, lotions and creams, we have created one comprehensive product that does it all. 
  • A potent combination of ayurvedic and chemistry ingredients, this sunrise glow serum can nourish, hydrate and moisturise your skin, while giving you a natural radiance. 
  • The vitamin C serum also contains turmeric, which is a natural antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, which can even your skin tone out and keep it protected. 
  • The combination of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide ensure that your skin gets the deep hydration that it needs to get through the day. 

Presenting the best ayurvedic Zinc Oxide Glow Drops

You are all done getting dressed up and you are ready to hit the road, but because you are going out in the sun, you know that you need proper sun protection. But you so do not want to spoil your makeup with that traditional sunscreen, because you know that it will leave that ugly white cast. 

With our AM Sunscreen Glow Drops, you can leave all those worries behind – this ultra lightweight, non-clogging serum is the perfect choice for you! 

  • The Sunscreen SPF 50 Glow Drops will not leave any white cast, rather it leaves you with this gentle radiant glow, which is why you can use this either as a primer for your face before you apply your makeup, or as a final step to give your skin that gentle radiance. 
  • The dermatologically tested, broad-spectrum sun protection serum also gives you protection against pollution.
  • The addition of Centella Asiatica or gotu kola can soothe the skin and give you that blemish free look. 
  • Licorice root can give your skin a brighter look.
  • The SPF 50 gives you up to 98% protection against UVB rays of the sun, while the PA 50++++ ensures that you get highest protection against the UVA rays too. 

Why end your day with our 1% Bakuchiol Face Serum

After a long tiring day, you come back home and all you want to do is rest, relax and rejuvenate for the next day, because you have to do it all again! Your skin wants the same too – it too wants a chance to relax, repair and replenish for the next day, and that is why we created the best ayurvedic Sunset Restore Serum. Our PM Sunset Restore Serum is all that your skin needs for the night – remove all traces of makeup and give your face a good wash with a gentle cleaner and then just apply our serum. 

  • This plant based bakuchiol serum will give you the same benefits that you would get from a retinol serum, but it is gentler on your skin. 
  • Squalane is a powerful antioxidant that can deeply hydrate, soothe your skin and also fight those free radicals, giving your skin that is actually age defying. 
  • The tripeptide complex is actually associated with firm and youthful skin.

When you apply this bakuchiol serum, every night, you are giving your skin a layer of loving care and protection – the handpicked ingredients, which come from the worlds of ayurveda and chemistry, will help heal, repair and rejuvenate your skin, as you sleep. So, you get to wake up to healthier looking and feeling skin, every morning, with just one bottle! 

Get those dewy lips with our Dewy Lip Treatment 

Who doesn’t want that perfectly perfect pout when they are getting their pictures clicked? But the way our lives are, most of us end up with dry, flaky and chapped lips. Constantly licking them, applying lip colours and crayons that have a drying effect and the general weather outside can all have a role to play. However, if you choose to keep a tube of Dewy Lip Treatment with you all the time, you are safe, because this one product can protect, heal and nourish your lips almost instantly. 

  • This vegan formulation has the goodness of shea butter, which can deeply hydrate your skin and keep it feeling moisturised for several hours. 
  • Phospholipids can help protect and make the natural barrier of the lips stronger, giving you glossy lips for a longer time. 
  • Then there are also other ayurvedic ingredients, such as lotus flower extract, rose oil and pomegranate oil, all of which have been included for their beneficial properties. 
  • And finally, the hyaluronic acid and squalane ensure that your lips always feel hydrated and never dry, making this ayurvedic lip balm like product the best thing for your lips! 


  • What does squalane do for the skin?

Squalane is an ingredient that is used in skincare products for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and swelling.

  • Is squalane better than hyaluronic acid?

Both ingredients have their own set of benefits, which is why we have combined both in our AM serum. While one is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, the other is known for its hydrating and moisturising qualities. 

  • Which is better vitamin C or niacinamide?

Each of these has its own benefits – both of them have antioxidant properties; and while vitamin C can give you brighter looking skin, niacinamide can deeply hydrate your skin. 

  • Which is better niacinamide or hyaluronic acid?

Both the ingredients are recognised for their hydrating and moisturising properties, but niacinamide is considered better for oily skin, because it can soothe inflammation that is common for oily skin. 

  • Which product is best for lips?

Our Dewy Lips is a great option for your lips – it can intensely hydrate, deeply nourish and give your lips that instantly glossy and plump look.  

  • What does SPF 50 PA++++ mean?

If you choose our ayurvedic morning sunscreen glow drops, you are truly upping your sun protection game, because SPF 50 offers a really high level of protection against UVB rays, while the PA++++ ensures protection against UVA rays too. 

  • Which sunscreen is better 30 or 50?

If your sunscreen has an SPF 30, it can give you around 96% protection against UVB rays, while SPF 50 means up to 98% protection.