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A little TLC for your hair and skin this Holi

Gone are the days, when the streets of London and the rest of the UK would come alive only around Christmas or perhaps Easter. Today, the whole world is a global village, which means that you will see celebrations from all over the world, happening in every part of the world, including the United Kingdom. It comes as no surprise the streets all over the UK become colourful and vibrant, when the Indian festival of Holi arrives! 

Over the past several years, there has been an increase in the numbers of Indians living in the UK and when they arrived, they brought their culture and traditions along with them, including their festivals and celebrations. Today, Diwali and Holi are celebrated with great fervour all over the UK and even non-Indians are partaking in the fun and festivities. 

And while most people see the colours, the music, the food and the frolic that is associated with Holi, there are also some things that you need to take care of – your skin and hair being topmost on the list! Holi skin and hair care needs to be high on your priority, because the colours, water and sunshine could cause a lot of damage. 

However, when you have indē wild in your skin and hair care routine, you have little to worry about!

Whether you are planning to spend the entire day playing Holi or are just going to pop in and out of a Holi party that you are invited to, you need to pick 4 products today - indē wild’s AM serum, PM serum, SPF glow drops and Champi hair oil! 

Now that you have the products, here is what you need to do:

  • Your pre Holi skin care needs to start with the regular usage of our AM and PM serums – these will not only protect your skin against the potentially skin damaging effects of the colours, but also help rejuvenate your skin, once the festivities are over. As long as you start your day with AM serum and end it with PM serum, you can be sure that your skin will be prepared for Holi!
  • When you are headed out to play with colours, you need to make sure that you keep your skin clean and the only product you will need is our AM serum – apply the specified amount and enjoy a natural glow that is far better than any makeup! 
  • One more step that is essential in your before Holi skin care routine has to be our SPF 50 – if you are playing Holi out in the open, the sun is bound to take its toll. By applying the directed amount of sunscreen, you can ensure that your skin is protected and also has a natural sheen, giving your skin a healthy glow! 
  • Use warm water, rather than hot water to wash off the colours with a gentle cleanser to prevent stripping skin of its natural oils.
  • Before you head to bed, make sure that you apply the PM serum all over your face and neck, and whatever damage the colours and sun might have caused, our serum will repair and restore. 

Now that your skin is taken care of, let’s move onto how to protect your hair:

  • The easiest way to protect your hair during Holi is our Champi hair oil – ask any Indian and they will tell you that oiling your hair, before you head out to play Holi is one of the easiest ways to protect it. Take a few pipettes of the oil and apply it not only to your scalp, but also the length of the hair and you are done with hair care for Holi! The natural oils will provide hydration to your hair, while creating this thin film that will stop the direct contact between your hair and the colours. 
  • It would also be a good idea to tie your hair up – a bun or even braids will do and then bring out your most stylish bandana to add another layer of protection. 
  • Once you are done playing, do not head directly into the shower – rather let your hair dry out for a few minutes and then gently brush out as much colour as possible. Then, using a mild cleanser, wash your hair off and don’t forget to condition it too. 
  • After your hair is dry, give it a little more love – warm a little Champi hair oil and gently massage it through your scalp and hair. Leaving it in your hair overnight will help replenish the natural hydration and help ward off any damage that might have been lingering around! 

Now that you know the Holi skin care tips as well as the Holi hair care tips, you are ready to get drenched in not just the colours, but also the cultural ethos of the celebration! 

And don’t forget to shout out – Holi Hai!