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How to Discover Your Real Skin Type and Choose the Right Products

It’s easy to get confused by the huge variety of skincare products on offer these days – you might be trying to set a good skin care routine for yourself, but without knowing your skin type first, how do you pick the products? So, it is imperative that you learn more about your skin type first, which will help determine what your skin needs and purchase products based on that. 

There are basically 7 main skin types:

Skin type

How to identify

How to take care


If your skin is neither too dry nor too oily – if you are 

not feeling that stretchy itchy feeling constantly or you 

are not constantly having to wipe away excess oil from 

your skin, you probably have normal skin. Your pores 

will not be overtly visible and there will not be any 

major flaws on your skin. 

Perhaps the skin care routine is for normal skin, because all you need to do is wash it with a good quality face wash and exfoliate every once in a while. Moisturise your skin regularly and apply SPF everyday.


If your skin feels tight, stretched, itchy or seems flaky, 

you probably have dry skin. The skin has less lipids, is unable to retain water in the skin.

Because your skin is dry, you need to make sure that you don’t do anything to add to it. The soaps you use have to be very mild and you should keep exfoliating to the bare minimum. You should invest in a really good quality moisturiser that contains occlusives which will help to seal in and retain moisture within skin.


If your skin is always glistening and not in the best way, 

if you are constantly troubled by acne and blackheads 

and have large pores, and if you are always looking 

for blotting paper or matte powders, then you probably 

have oily skin. 

For oily skin care, you need to invest in a gentle cleanser that does not strip your skin. Use a lightweight gel moisturiser and a water based sunscreen to keep your skin healthy. 


If your skin is dry in some areas and oily in others – 

normally the T zone (the forehead, nose and down to 

the chin) is oily, then you have combination skin. The 

pores are normally larger and could be blocked too. 

For this type of skin, you need to invest in treatment for the trouble areas and use targeted products.. You can use toners to treat the oily parts and creams to treat the dry parts. 


If your skin is prone to redness and rashes 

and bumps, if your skin gets irritated easily and is 

troubled by fragrance or certain ingredients in skin 

care products, you probably have sensitive skin. 

You need to be extremely careful when you are picking products for sensitive skin. Look for common allergens listed at the back of your products & preferably use fragrance free products. 

Acne prone

If your skin is prone to regular outbreaks and you see a 

lot of clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads,, 

then you probably have acne prone skin. 

An acne skin care routine obviously needs products that are meant specifically for such types of skin. You need to wash your skin with mild products and gentle hands. Exfoliation would have to be a part of your regular routine. Products that have retinol or the more natural equivalent bakuchiol, would be a good choice for you. For severe acne, we would recommend consulting a dermatologist for treatment.


If you have skin that lacks tightness & resiliency, needs gentle care, then you might have mature skin. 

Mature skin lacks collagen & elastin which is a natural process of human life. However, the delicate nature of skin at this stage requires special care such as ingredients that help boost collagen, and keeping your skin & body moisturised using products rich in emollients.


Now that you know your skin type, you need to pay attention to the following points, before investing in any products:

  • Pay attention to the ingredients – If you know your skin type, then it is easy enough to find out which ingredients will work for you. When you are picking products, make sure that the same ingredients are used in it. So, for dry skin, you need something like hyaluronic acid, which will draw moisture from the air and lock it inside your skin. If you pick indē wild’s AM Sunrise Glow Serum, you will find not only hyaluronic acid, but also Vitamin C, which is great for nourishing all skin types.
  • The ingredients you need to avoid – How a product smells is not important, how it works on your skin is important – fragrance, sulphates, parabens and formaldehyde are all ingredients that you need to check and avoid. This is exactly why you can pick indē wild products, because none of these ingredients are used. 
  • The ingredients you should look for – Now that you have taken a look at the ingredients that you need to avoid, you also need to know about the ingredients that you should look for. Glycerine, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3 are all ingredients that are good for the skin and work for almost all skin types. 
  • Cruelty free – Although there are several brands that are going the animal cruelty free way, you should take the effort to ensure the same. indē wild is one of the brands that are truly cruelty free and indulge in no animal testing. 

If you were to see, all the indē wild products are created to work for all kinds of skin types – we invite you to look through our website, drop us a message or join our tribe to learn more about the skin care products for all skin types that we offer. Created with handpicked ingredients, our products are a perfect blend of Ayurveda and science, making them the best addition to your skin care routines!