Spring Showers Bring Ayurvedic Flowers!

Spring Showers Bring Ayurvedic Flowers!

As we say hello to summer, we’re giving thanks to Mother Nature for her beautiful Ayurvedic stems! Though the toughest decision to pick favorite ingredients (it’s like choosing your favorite child), Turmeric and Bakuchiol make our skin souls oh-so-happy!


Used in Ayurvedic and alternative medicine for centuries, this flowering plant from the ginger family has boundless skin benefits. Turmeric, found in our AM Sunrise Glow Serum, is packed with firming and tightening properties. This detoxifying ingredient speed’s up the skin’s ability to produce new, healthy tissue. 


Found in our PM Sunset Restore Serum, Bakuchiol is a plant-based retinol alternative that nourishes the skin overnight, bringing it back to rejuvenated life by morning. This power ingredient promotes skin elasticity, helps to unclog pores, and aids in fading dark spots and evening the appearance of skin tone. 

For more on the Ayurvedic flower-benefits woven into our ingredients, visit our AM + PM product pages on our site.