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Your Lips Need A Care Routine Too!

When the camera comes out, you get ready to pout for that perfect picture! But what if your lips are not ready? 

Did you know that your lips actually 100 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers? Actually, the lips have more than 1 million nerve endings, which is why they are considered to be one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. 

But what is even more interesting is this – even though this part of the body is so sensitive, there are no defensive membranes or mechanisms to offer them protection.

What all troubles might invite the need for a lip care product?

Without us even realising, there might be several problems cropping up for your lips; some might be attributed to the weather and some to your own not so great habits. Here are some of the most common lip concerns:

  • When there is low humidity, it can cause dehydration and that can lead to lips become dry and chapped.
  • People who have sinus issues or breathing problems and tend to breathe more from the mouth than the nose could also have chapped lips. 
  • When our lips are already dry and chapped, and when the spit or saliva accumulates near the lips, the lips can become dry and cracked. 
  • Another lip issue that could trouble you are cold sores – these are caused by viral infections and you might need to consult a doctor for the same. 

    Set a simple lip care routine

    Let’s first talk about lip care importance – why is it that you need to have a proper routine to take care of your lips and how it will benefit in the long run. 

    Why do you have a skin care or hair care routine? You do it to keep your skin and hair clean, nourished and protected, because only then will it look and feel good. Same goes for your lips too – when you take proper care of your lips, they too will look and feel great. 

    Here is what you should do to protect and pamper your lips:

    • Hydrate – One of the easiest to take care of almost every part of your body, including your lips, is to drink plenty of water. When you drink plenty of water, you are hydrating your skin from within. Also, your saliva will not hydrate your lips – when you lick your lips, it might make them moist in that instant, but the salt that remains will dry your lips even more! 
    • Exfoliate – This is something that you can do once or twice a week – just like you would exfoliate your face, you can use a homemade lip scrub or get something from the stores to rub off all the flaky skin that might still be there. You can use a soft wet toothbrush or even a washcloth to scrub your lips. 
    • Moisturise - Just like the rest of your face needs a way to lock in moisture, so do your lips, which means that you need to invest in a really good lip care product that will nourish, hydrate and keep the moisture within your lips. And you need to make sure that you reapply as and when needed. 

      These are the benefits of using lip balm or lip treatment product 

      When you invest in a really good lip product, there are several benefits that you get to reap and here are some of them:

      • A good lip care product will ensure that your lips are properly moisturised, hydrated and nourished; this is extremely important when you have dry and chapped lips. 
      • If you have extremely chapped lips, using a good quality lip product will help sooth and heal the skin. As a matter of fact, your lips might heal faster, if you use a good product. 
      • Should you choose something like indē wild’s best lip care product, Dewy Lip Treatment, it will work really well as a finishing touch to your look as well – so once you have applied your favourite lip colour, a swipe of this and you have that perfectly glossy shine! 
      • Products like Dewy Lip are also very effective PM lip masks – apply it on your clean lips and let the ingredients work their magic through the night. Regular usage will give you really soft and supple lips that are genuinely hydrated from within. 

        Here is why we pick only good ingredients for your lips

        We at indē wild know that your lips are just as important as your skin and hair, which is why we have handpicked the ingredients that have gone into our lip treatment product. Not only have we picked the most hydrating ingredients for lips, we have also added actives that will heal your lips to bring out their natural beauty. 

        We chose shea butter, phospholipids, linoleic acid, hyaluronic acid and squalane to ensure the maximum moisturisation and hydration that we could. We added lotus flower extract, rose oil and pomegranate oil for their ayurvedic benefits, which will give you lips that are protected and nourished from within, which will ensure that your lips look great, every day! 

        If you too have been looking for an easy-peasy lip care routine, just pick up a tube of Dewy Lip Treatment and let it give your lips the care they need.