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Affirmation: Skin Care is Everyone Care

Men are often left out of the equation when it comes to skin care. Most related ads, marketing and social media feature only women – in part because statistically, studies of consumer behavior show that women spend more time, energy and money on beauty products (including skin care). To add, typically beauty and skin care is packaged in an overtly feminine way, often with floral motifs and bright colors; while men’s skin care (or products in general) tend to be more minimal and dark. It’s no surprise that when one doesn’t see themselves represented, the natural tendency is to shy away from it (whatever it is) and file it away as “not for me.”


But this isn’t a “No Boys Allowed” club! Skin care is absolutely everyone care. All genders need skin health, and our recommendation is to look for products that suit your skin type, that are made responsibly and with intentional ingredients that target your skin needs and concerns. The alternative – shopping for products that are marketed toward a specific gender – can be tough on your skin. For example, someone with hyperpigmentation should be able to use products made with hyperpigmentation in mind. Similarly, someone with acne or scarring should be able to use products geared towards such concerns, rather than sticking to marketing defined gender boxes. 

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, here’s a fun date night idea as you’re winding down after a candlelit dinner and before night time cuddles commence. Make getting-unready part of your plans. Ladies, show your man how skin care is really done! He’ll be stealing your favorite indē wild serums in no time, so you may want to get him his own set for V-Day and beyond! 

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