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A magical hair potion that we have named Moonlight Scalp Serum

We did it! 

After more than 2 years in research and development, we were finally able to bottle some magic for your hair!

Presenting our brand-new Moonlight Scalp Serum!

Our brand new ayurvedic serum for hair growth has been created to ‘skin-ify your scalp’!

When you have a daily morning and evening routine for your face and body, why would you not do something for the skin on your head? When you use our AM Sunrise Glow Serum in the morning, the PM Sunset Restore Serum, then shouldn’t you be doing something similar for your hair and scalp too?

Our Moonlight Scalp Serum is just that – its your daily routine for your scalp and hair to keep them happy and healthy! Imagine food for your scalp – feed your scalp every night, and it will nourish your hair from within, giving you the kind of hair, you have dreamt of!

There is a simple logic – when your scalp is healthy, hair will grow; when your scalp is nourished, the hair that grows will be thick, long and strong. That is what this serum is designed to do – protect and nourish the ‘microbiome’ of your scalp. The ‘microbiome’ refers to the general nature of your scalp; the pH balance, the bacterial levels and so on. By using this carefully formulated serum on your scalp, you are ensuring that the microbiome is always taken care of. This also means that your healthy scalp will not be troubled by issues like dandruff, itching or flaking. 

So how does this magical serum actually work, you ask; well, here’s how:

The hair on our head goes through three stages - the anagen phase, when the hair is growing actively, the catagen phase, which is also known as the transition stage, where your hair is done growing and finally, the resting or telogen phase, when the hair is getting ready to fall out.

Each ingredient in this formulation has been handpicked to help keep the hair more active during the anagen phase and control the hair loss during the telogen phase. 

This superlight formulation, which is perfect for any type of hair, is the perfect amalgamation of ayurveda and science. The 98% natural formulation brings together some really powerful natural ingredients and some from the world of chemistry.  Redensyl™, Procapil™ and Baicapil™ join hands with Caffeine, Burdock Root, gotu kola, Bhringraj, moringa and amla to give you a scalp serum that can rejuvenate your hair from inside out, literally! 

When you use this ayurvedic serum for hair growth regularly – we suggest daily, but you should try to use it at least thrice a week – it can do so much for your scalp and hair:

  • Helps reduce hair fall and stimulate new hair growth
  • Give you hair that is incredibly voluminous
  • Helps control hair greying
  • Conditions and moisturises your scalp
  • Improve the overall health of your scalp and hair
  • Helps manage scalp related issues such as dandruff and itching

Wondering how to use it?

Its simple enough to use – use the pipette to take one or two doses and apply them directly onto your scalp (do make sure that your scalp is clean and dry). Using your fingers, just massage the natural hair serum into your scalp and then just head to bed! Since this is a water-based formulation, there is absolutely no greasy feeling; as a matter of fact, within minutes of application, you will not feel like having applied anything at all! And because it is so lightweight and non-greasy, you will feel no buildup in your hair the next morning, which means that you need not wash it off either! 

And no, this ayurvedic serum for hair and scalp does not replace Champi!

Champi is a multifunctional hair oil that you need to apply to the entire length of the hair and take the time to massage it in. using the oil will reduce the frizz, help reduce hair fall and aid in improving the texture of your hair and make it shinier and stronger. 

On the other hand, our Moonlight scalp serum is meant to be applied only on the scalp and all you need is a quick massage. The serum will work on not only controlling the hair loss, but also stimulating new hair growth. This is a revitaliser for your scalp, which in turn will improve your hair.

Just apply a pipette or two to your scalp, before you go to bed and the let the magic happen as you sleep!  

Want to know more about what goes into making our serum? The next blog tells it all!