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Diipa’s Summertime Tips to Lock in AM-Serum Freshness

As a proud 0% Photoshop brand, transparency is at our core. In that spirit, here are a few of Diipa' personal tips as you enjoy our AM serum. 

Our Sunrise Glow Serum is packed with extremely efficacious, powerful ingredients like 15% Vitamin C (L-ascorbic). We love Vitamin C for its hydrating, brightening, and rejuvenating benefits, but due to its innate volatile nature, especially at such a high concentration as we have, it doesn’t like heat so much. In increased temperatures, like in the summertime or warmer climates, exposure to heat can shift its color, intensity its smell and impact its shelf life. Here’s how to keep all those important factors in check…

  • Store our AM serum in a fridge
  • Keep the serum bottles away from windows to avoid any impact from sunlight 
  • Avoid keeping the serum amidst moisture and dampness

Remember, our ingredients are happiest (and freshest) in cool, dark, dry places.