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The wait is over. Introducing Our Enhanced Vitamin C Serum: Elevate Your Glow!

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Luscious lips come easy with Dewy Lips!

At indē wild, we see ourselves as a modern-day skin and hair care brand, but at heart, we are still rooted in India – that is how is the whole world of Ayurvedistry™ came into being. We always knew that the tenets of Ayurveda cannot be questioned, but we also know that there is power to be reined in from chemistry and modern actives, which is why we found ways to blend them. Every time, we were able to figure out which ayurvedic ingredients would work well with which chemistry ingredients, it was a breakthrough for us. 

We are back again with yet another breakthrough! 

After conquering the problems that worry your skin and hair, this time around, we bring to you an ayurvedic lip balm that is more than just a salve for dry and chapped lips. 

This revolutionary new product is going to become the constant in your handbag, because you will want to take it everywhere with you! 

Presenting the brand-new Dewy Lips Treatment!

A vegan formulation that brings the best of ayurveda and chemistry in one product and although it might look like a regular lip balm, it is so much more!

Allow us a minute to talk about what all could trouble your lips

What you see as dry and chapped lips could actually have several reasons behind them and here are just some of them:

  • The cold and dry winds of the winter months
  • The low humidity that could happen during the summers
  • The strong winds that start to blow when the fall season is around the corner
  • The bottle of water that you forgot to complete, leading to dehydration that shows up on your lips
  • The Glow drops that you forget to spread across your lips
  • The licking of the lips that has become almost habitual
  • The lip treatment products that you picked simply because the packaging looked pretty

          What might seem like only dry, chapped and sometimes flaking and peeling lips are actually the first step to more serious problems and bleeding lips is only one part of it all. 

          Why go through the pain and discomfort, when you have a solution right here!

          So, what is our Dewy Lips Treatment?

          The Dewy Lips is one of the best ayurvedic lip balm that you can get your hands and we are ready to back our product! 

          This is a true lip hero that is multifunctional – it can deeply hydrate and intensely nourish your lips to give them that pouty perfection that you have always wanted! 

          As an Ayurvedistry™ brand, we are aware of how there are generally solutions to all problems in Ayurveda, which is why we took the extremely powerful desi ghee, the sacred lotus flower and the gorgeous rose to create our lip treatment formulation. But because we also know that chemistry has some powerful ingredients to protect, nourish and hydrate, we took some ingredients from there too! Hyaluronic acid, Peptides and Squalane give you super soft lips that are hydrated and supple. 

          But we played around a little with everything – rather than ghee, we used shea butter, which is a vegan product that biomimics the nourishing and hydrating nature of this animal by-product. We ensured that all the essential components of ghee - linoleic acid, Vitamin E and phospholipids – play a major role in our lip treatment product. Rather than lotus and rose flowers, we use their extracts to increase their potent benefits. 

          What does this ayurvedic lip balm do?

          Every ingredient that goes into this pathbreaking lip balm; ayurvedic and chemistry – has been chosen for the benefit that it brings to your skin. When you use this lip balm on a daily basis, you will find that your lips are becoming softer and visibly plump, more nourished and hydrated and it will give you an instant dewy glow that you will fall in love with! 

          As a matter of fact, the moment you apply Dewy Lip Treatment, you will see an instant gloss and dramatically dewy lips. And while you enjoy the soft feel of the product, behind the scenes, this ayurvedic lip balm is hard at work to hydrate, repair and soften your lips from within. 

          If you want to give your lips a new lease of life, if you want them to look and feel great, then this is what you need to pick. Hydration, deep conditioning and rejuvenation – this single product will do it all! 

          What goes into making our Dewy Lips?

          Whether it’s our skin care range or our hair care essentials, every ingredient that goes into our products is picked with a lot of care and consideration – here is what all we picked for this one! 




          Shea Butter

          A vegan butter that has been used for having close likeness to the properties of pure ghee - protective in nature, it also helps condition the skin and lips. Shea butter is also known to offer a protective barrier that helps soften the skin and restore the natural balance. 

          Lotus Flower Extract

          The lotus flower is revered in ayurveda and several homes in India and in our lip balm, it holds a position of significance. The incredible antioxidant properties of this flower provide protection but also help reduce dryness and irritation. 

          Rose Oil

          Rose Oil is also known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties, and in addition to that, this natural oil helps keep the skin supple. The soft oil is also said to promote relaxation.

          Pomegranate Oil

          This ultra nourishing ayurvedic antioxidant is also rich in punicic acid; when you use pomegranate oil regularly, it will improve skin health drastically.  


          Phospholipids are natural lipids that are skin identical and commonly found in ghee – in our lip treatment product, we have used it to reinforce the natural skin barrier and also help prevent water loss. 

          Linoleic Acid

          Also known as Vitamin F, Linoleic acid is yet another ingredient that you can find in ghee, which we consider to be Ayurveda’s natural moisturizer. We chose this ingredient to help fortify the skin barrier and lock in the moisture. 

          Hyaluronic acid

          Our AM Sunrise Glow Serum already has hyaluronic acid and that is why we know that it has an incredible capacity to retain moisture within the skin. Moreover, this low molecular weight cushiony ingredient can help visibly plump up the lips too. 


          Composed of amino acids, this peptide has been chosen because it can offer a type of resilience to the skin. It is also known to help repair dry and chapped lips. 


          You might have noticed squalane in our PM Sunset Restore Serum and now we are using it in our Dewy Lips. Yet another skin identical ingredient, squalane acts as a powerful moisturizer and helps increase hydration.

          There is a reason why we are calling our Dewy Lips Treatment a ‘lip hero’ – because you don’t hide a hero away in some corner of the vanity. You walk around with it and that is why we have made our packaging such that you can put it in your bag or even your pocket! Use it as many times in a day you want; as an overnight mask to hydrate and nourish or even on top of your lip colour to add that dewy finish. 

          Long term benefits as well as instant gratification – guaranteed with every tube of Dewy Lip Treatment!