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Want glowing skin on Diwali? We got you covered!

Diwali is almost here, which means that it is time to clean up the house; but more importantly, it is the time to glam up! After all, Diwali is the time to sparkle and shine, isn’t it!

For most, Diwali is the festival of lights – Indians all over the world, await this festival with bated breath and when it almost on the tiptoes of arrival, they clean their homes, to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and along with her, luck and prosperity. 

However, this is also a festival that has a certain element of glamour associated with it. People like to dress up, go out to socialise and enjoy the true fervour of the festivities! 

Now, when you are getting ready to go out, you need to make sure that you put your best foot (and everything else too) forward. While clothes and accessories play one part in your looking good, the actual showstoppers should be your skin and hair! 

And because at indē wild, we are in the business of gorgeous skin and hair, we bring to you some hair and skin care tips to help you glam up this Diwali. 

For a face that truly glows! 

We suggest that you start your pre-Diwali skin care routine as early as possible, but if you are already using our AM Sunrise Glow Serum and our PM Sunset Restore Serum, on daily basis, your skin will already pretty much be, well, pretty! However, there are some other things that you can do, to add to the glow. 

Before you get ready for the festivities

  • Your pre-Diwali prep needs to start at least a few weeks before Diwali, which means that you need to make sure that you are doing the CTM routine on a daily basis. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face at least twice a day (morning and night), ensure that you use a toner that is suitable for your skin type and finish with a good quality moisturiser. 
  • Exfoliation is also an important part of your festival skin care routine – you can exfoliate your skin twice a week to ensure that all dead skin is removed and healthier skin is revealed. You can either use a good quality exfoliation product or you can create exfoliation packs at home, using easy to find ingredients such as gram flour, yoghurt, turmeric and coffee. 
  • And when you are getting your skin ready for Diwali, you cannot afford to skip sunscreen! You could always pick our Glow Drops, which works really well as either a primer before you apply your makeup or as a finishing product to add that dewy glow. The idea is that you need to keep your skin protected.  

Once the festivities are done 

Once Diwali is done and dusted, it doesn’t mean that you can let go! This is when you need to pay even more attention – your post Diwali skin care is just as important. 

  • Start the end of the day by ensuring that you remove all traces of makeup, including your eyes, lips and neck. You can use a good quality makeup removal product such as a micellar water. 
  • Remember to wash your face well and don’t forget your daily dose of PM serum before hitting the bed. 
  • Over the next few days, you can help your skin rejuvenate and replenish with hydrating face masks or home-made face packs. 

For hair that shines from within!

Now that we are done taking care of the skin, time to move to your hair! Honestly speaking, Diwali hair care isn’t much different from the rest of the year, but yes, there are some extra things that we could suggest for your hair to look and feel frizz free and absolutely dazzling for Diwali. 

Get your hair ready

  • Get your bottle of Champi ready, because you need to get your oil massages in, well in advance. We suggest that you oil and shampoo your hair, twice a week, to keep it nourished. 
  • Another good idea would be to include our Moonlight Scalp Serum, which works on the scalp – the serum nourishes the scalp and works towards increasing the volume and reducing hair fall. 
  • In the days up to Diwali, we suggest that you keep the chemical products and heat-based tools away, because these can cause damage to your hair. You can use your curling iron or straightener on the day, but if you have been using Champi regularly, your hair naturally should be gorgeous! 
  • Shift to milder shampoos and do not skip the conditioner, because these can help cleanse your hair and lock in the moisture too. You can even create a hair mask for deep conditioning. 
  • Remember to keep your hair tied loosely and if you are stepping out in the sun, cover your hair with a soft scarf or maybe a loose hat. 
  • This would also be a good time to get that hair trim or maybe try out a brand-new hair style too! 

Let your hair rest and rejuvenate 

  • Even after Diwali is over, we suggest that you continue daily usage of our scalp serum. 
  • If possible, wash off all the hair product on the same night or at least the first thing the next morning. 
  • To deeply nourish and rehydrate your hair, we suggest that you treat your hair with an overnight oil treatment. Apply Champi and massage it into the scalp and length of the hair. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning. 

Diwali is definitely a time of joy and celebration, but there is also the immense use of products on skin and hair, exposure to the smoke and pollution caused due to the fireworks and the over-indulgence in food! Remember to stay hydrated and for your skin and hair, indē wild is always there! 

Have a safe, wonderful and gorgeous Diwali peeps!