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How To Reduce Hair Fall Naturally – The What, Why And Beyond

Healthy, luscious locks are a coveted asset, but the nightmare of hair breakage can shatter that dream. You want to do everything to make sure that your hair looks great at all times, but often unknowingly, include habits and routines that cause immense damage. And it is not just one habit that can lead to hair loss; there are plenty – so for all you know, your hair loss could be happening either because of any one of the reasons or even a combination.

So, what can cause hair breakage?

Experts say that a daily loss of 100 hair strands can be seen as typical and natural; however, a loss of more than that could be a sign of concern. Although it is impossible to count every hair that you are losing, you can assume that you are losing hair if you notice a lot more hair than usual on your brush, pillow, or bathroom floor. But before you can start looking for any ways of reducing hair fall naturally, you need to understand what could be causing it. 

Here are the most common causes:

  • Overuse of heat styling tools: Using flat irons and curling wands too often, and that too at the highest heat settings, can deplete hair's natural moisture content, which can cause dryness, brittleness, and eventually breaking.
  • Chemical treatments: The hair's structure can be weakened by harsh chemical treatments like hair straightening, bleaching, colouring, and perming, which increases the likelihood of breakage. 
  • Bad hair care practices: Using tight hair ties or tight hairstyles, as well as vigorous brushing, especially when the hair is damp, can stress the hair strands and cause breakage. Cornrows, tight braids, buns and ponytails are all bad ideas for your hair! 
  • Environmental factors: Prolonged exposure to extreme weather, including wind, sun, and pollution, can cause breakage and damage to hair.
  • Nutrient deficiencies: The hair shaft can become weaker and more vulnerable to damage when vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals are lacking.
  • Over washing: While you night be thinking that you are keeping your scalp and hair clean by washing it frequently, you are actually doing damage to your hair. Every time you wash your hair and use your favourite shampoo, you are actually stripping your hair of the natural oils and moisture, which will leave your hair feeling dry and make them brittle and more prone to breakage.

What are the ways of preventing hair fall naturally?

We have given you the main causes for hair loss; the simplest way to prevent hair fall is to keep those in mind and then take corrective steps, simple! 

Here is what you should be doing:

  • We understand that you love your styling tools and you enjoy how great your hair looks after blow drying or creating those beach waves. But the heat from these tools is not doing any great good for your hair. Keep their usage to the minimal – as in only when you really need to – and use them at a cool setting. 
  • Many women feel that after washing their hair, they need to use a hair dryer – there is actually no need, because you can let your hair air dry, which is the most natural way of doing it. In case you have to step out in a hurry, then you can use the dryer, but try keeping the setting to the least heat and try to make sure that you don’t use it for too long. 
  • Like the styling tools, keep those chemical-based treatments also for when needed most – let your hair be its natural glorious self! Any treatment that you are getting from your salon is probably using very harsh chemicals that will do no real good in the long run. As a matter of fact, you should even switch to sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, to offer a gentler care to your hair. 
  • Getting a regular perm might not be a good idea, but getting a regular trim is! Ideally, every 3-4 months, you can make a trip to your local salon and get a quick trim. This will not only even out your hair length, but also help remove any split ends, which could lead to further hair damage. 
  • Yes, tying your hair too tight is not good for your hair – it could cause what in medical terms is called traction alopecia (hair loss due to very tight hairstyles). Your hair will say a quiet thank you if you choose loose hair styles such as braids or buns or loose ponytails with soft scrunchies and bands. But that said, leaving your hair open all the time is also not that great an idea, because tangling can also lead to breakage. 
  • What you put IN your body, will eventually show ON your body! Ensure your diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Foods like fish, nuts, leafy greens, and eggs contribute to healthy hair. Also remember to drink plenty of water, because hydration is key not only to great looking skin, but also healthy hair. 
  • Wash your hair, when it feels really dirty, or once to twice a week at the most. Unless you are someone who is constantly working around dirt and other heavy pollutants, your hair does not need to be washed more than that. And when you are thinking of washing your hair, considering oiling it too! 

    Is champi the best way to stop hair fall naturally?

    Oiling your hair, especially before a wash, has long been considered a really easy way to keep your hair healthy. At indē wild, we promote the idea of champi – an ancient and super simple method of oiling your hair and massaging your scalp. All you need to do is take a small amount of our Champi Hair Oil and warm it up just a little (it should be comfortable to touch). Make sure that your hair is completely untangled before applying the oil. Starting with the top of the scalp, apply the oil all over and gently press your scalp, giving it a massage – the base of your head, the edges of the forehead can all be massaged gently. If you want to learn more about how to do the champi, check out our blog. Once you are done, you can lather the length of your hair with the remaining oil. You can leave the oil in overnight, but we suggest at least a few hours, before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

    What about serums?

    Natural-ingredient hair serums can give the hair shaft an additional layer of defence. They aid in detangling hair, minimizing frizz, and shielding it from breakage brought on by styling equipment and the environment. You can pick the Moonlight Scalp Serum, which contains chemical actives like Procapil, Baicapil, and Redensyl in addition to natural constituents like burdock and gotu kola. The goal of this formula is to target and enhance scalp health since strong hair grows from a healthy scalp. This water-based serum is so lightweight that it will get absorbed within seconds, leaving no residue and making it a great choice to use on a daily basis. 

    If you are looking for ways on how to reduce hair fall naturally, you could try the above-mentioned lifestyle changes, and you can most definitely include our oil and serum into your regular hair care routine!