When timeless superfood ingredients rooted in Ayurveda meet revolutionary conscious chemistry, AyurvedistryTM is born. Here is where two worlds collide and skin magic happens. Except we all know it’s not magic, it’s 5000 years of Ayurvedic rituals, modern dermatology and great ingredients working together. People powered and expert backed, we created indē wild – for you.



Actives are defined as the key ingredients in a product that target specific concerns. Our serums are infused with superior ingredients from Ayurveda and modern science, working together in perfect efficacious harmony. We like to call our favorites “heroes”...

sunrise glow serum

15% Vitamin C 

At optimal concentration, 15% Vitamin C allows for extraordinary antioxidant and age-defying benefits. Our in-house expert team recommends daily use for protecting against oxidation (ahem, catalyst for fine lines and wrinkles!), giving the skin an overall, even glow. This potent ingredient de-stresses the skin and promotes overall skin firmness for youthful, brighter, supple results. 

1% Turmeric

Turmeric has earned its Ayurvedic stripes for centuries. This age-old Indian spice has a range of soothing and therapeutic properties for the mind, body and soul. Much like Vitamin C, Turmeric also firms and tightens overall skin elasticity , while speeding up the skin’s ability to form new and healthy tissue. This detoxifying ingredient also brightens the skin, leaving a natural glow.

1% Ashwagandha 

An acne treating herb, Ashwagandha fights active blemishes while helping to prevent new impurities. It’s pore-unclogging properties additionally aids to reduce the appearance of scarring, and repair inflammation. This superfood calms, nourishes, and revives the skin, relieving it from stress. Results overtime are reduction of inflammation, redness, and even fine lines and wrinkles. 

1.5% Niacinamide

A form of Vitamin B3, this powerful ingredient moisturizes, brightens and helps build protein within the skin.

1% Vitamin E

This superstar antioxidant works to reduce inflammation and protect the skin from damaging free radicals.

1% Hyaluronic Acid

An ingredient that has created a buzz – and for good reason – Hyaluronic Acid traps water into the skin allowing for more supple, plump, and ultra-hydrated results.

1% Anti-Pollution Veil

As in its name, anti-pollution properties shield the skin from environmental stressors such as harmful dust particles while fighting against oxidation and inflammation often caused by pollutants.

0.5% Ferulic Acid

This antioxidant loves boosting the efficacy and stability of its antioxidant buddies such as Vitamin C and E. It also helps protect the skin against sun damage and reduces the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

0.5% Bisabolol

A soother by nature, bisabolol helps reduce redness and inflammation with its highly moisturizing properties. It is also often used to neutralize the smell of other potent ingredients in skincare such as Vitamin C.

0.1% Blue Light Filter

This protection works as a barrier against blue light and its potentially harmful impact – appearance of dark spots, photoaging, and sagging to name a few. It physically blocks the light creating a “filter” to ward off free radicals. 

sunset restore serum

3.33% Squalane 

Hydration, oil control, and age-defying --- just a handful of this power ingredient’s capabilities. Squalane, when applied topically as in the Sunset Restore Serum, boosts moisture, soothes and prevents irritation, leaving behind soft, supple skin. 

1% Bakuchiol

An Ayurvedic alternative to retinol, Bakuchiol is especially safe for sensitive skin as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women. This natural ingredient is derived from the babchi plant, and specifically from its leaves and seeds. For generations, Bakuchiol has been used in ancient practices for its soothing and impurity clearing properties which heals and calms the skin. While soothing the skin, it also works to visibly reduce the appearance of pores and promote skin firmness. . 

1% Amla + Saffron

This power-duo is the perfect combination for restoration and rejuvenation of the skin. While Amla acts as a natural, Ayurvedic astringent for clearer skin, Saffron is known for fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation for even, glowing skin.

1% Rosehip Oil

Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, this ingredient is commonly used in skincare products and rituals to aid in skin tissue and cell regeneration. It is also known for its calming properties which reduce dark spots, scars and the appearance of fine lines.

0.5% Tripeptide Complex

Peptides help build essential proteins that the skin years for such as collagen and elastin, resulting in youthful, supple and rejuvenated skin.

Carriers help to calm the skin and reduce irritation by diluting the highly concentrated nature of our actives.




Proven to improve smooth skin texture, Propanediol adds and locks in moisture.


This highly soothing and ultra hydrating ingredient is naturally derived from coconut oil. 

Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6

This synthetic polymer helps to stabilize formulas while protecting the skin’s surface.

Sodium Hydroxide

Also known as Iye, Sodium Hydroxide is typically used in small percentages within skincare to adjust and hold pH.

sunrise glow serum

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Viewed as a natural alternative to common synthetic ingredients, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride has antioxidant properties that moisturize and restore the skin while also boosting a product’s shelf life. 

Emulsifiers are used to mix unlike ingredients such as oil and water as part of the overall formulation. We’ve intentionally selected emulsifiers that reduce inflammation and redness while working their magic.

sunrise glow serum

Polysorbate 20

Known for its fragrant neutralizing properties, Polysorbate 20 also smooths the skin.

sunset restore serum

Sorbitan Isostearate

Known as a mild cleansing agent in addition to an emulsifier, this ingredient works to stabilize and create balance within formulas containing water and oil.

Preservatives in cosmetics, including skincare, create a chemical environment where it is difficult for bacteria to spread.

sunrise glow serum


Though a synthetic preservative, Phenoxyethanol is often used in natural formulations in place of parabens to prevent microbial growth and for stability. 


This preservative enhances the anti-microbial properties of other ingredients in a formulation. 

sunset restore serum


Though a synthetic preservative, Phenoxyethanol is often used in natural formulations in place of parabens to prevent microbial growth and for stability.


This preservative enhances the anti-microbial properties of other ingredients in a formulation. 



how to use

  • AM Serum
  • PM Serum

We’re most inspired by our community – you asked for a Vitamin C serum that delivers for all skin types (including sensitive), unique skin needs like hyperpigmentation, and for everyone from beginners to skincare junkies. We heard you, and couldn’t agree more! 

After cleansing, apply our gold standard Sunrise Glow Serum in the morning and before moving on to moisturizer. Go ahead, be generous – we’ve specifically formulated this serum for the face, neck and body. We suggest giving it some time to fully absorb into the skin before heading out the door and exposure to the sun.

For those new to using Vitamin C and those with sensitive skin, we recommend testing the product on a small area before full application or starting with every other day usage. 

Check out our quick how to videos for more! 

Especially and carefully formulated for sensitive skin and pregnant or nursing women, the Sunset Restore Serum is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a busy day. 

Apply the product just before bedtime after cleansing and drying the skin and before using moisturizer. Much like our morning Sunrise Glow Serum, feel free to use this product generously on the face, neck and body. It’s chemistry-meets-Ayurvedic ingredients naturally fit into your nighttime routine, replacing an unpractical multi-step regime. Each component within this formulation is meant to destress, sooth and as in the name – restore - the skin so you wake up feeling rested in every sense of the word. 

For those new to using Bakuchiol or those with sensitive skin, we recommend testing the product on a small area before full application or starting with every-other-day usage. 

Check out our quick how to videos for more! 


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